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Welcome to attestationservices.info the world largest and UAE leading  Attestation Services provider &  Apostille services from UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, sea shell, Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, French, Iris, Netherlands, Africa, Europe, Middle east, Asia.

Why you choose us in United Arab Emirates?

Of course you have many option today to choose but we are slight different from others the reason we provide Genuine Attestation, Apostille stamping, Notary, Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of external affairs, Norca, Home department Attestation for UAE. Our 2 decades of high quality Attestation services with really cheap price which will help you to work out even better regardless which country you are from.

How important our services in the field of attestation/ Apostille in UAE?

Attestationservices (a division of Sahara business men Services) is a trusted partner over 20 years in the Attestation process & Apostille services from across the globe which manages the directorial purpose of the Attestation in the United Arab Emirates. Yes, we too provide you all types of latest information and guidelines on the attestation/Apostille & attestation procedures involved in making application for Attestation of documents from respective HRD/HD, MEA, Ministry of foreign Affairs & UAE Embassy Attestation. We give you valuable services, reasonable price & free collection and delivery all over UAE at your doorstep. Of course we play an important role in your attestation too. Our range of Attestation, Apostille process for all educational and non educational or personal certificates attestation from INDIA, UAE, UK, US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, PHILIPPINES, NEW ZEALAND, SINGAPORE, QATAR, OMAN, SAUDI, KUWAIT AND BAHRAIN, KSA.

Why Certificate attestation for UAE required?

This is one of most important question to all expats in UAE. UAE is non-member of the Hague Convention. All the certificates proposed to use in United Arab Emirates which really required legalization, Authentication, Verification & Apostille stamping which generally known as attestation or authentication. We take care of all your document legalization practice from almost all major country to use in United Arab Emirates with genuine attestation stamp.

What is Hague Convention?

Yes, According to Wiki the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907 are a series of international agreement and announcement negotiated at two international peace conferences at The Hague in the Netherlands. The First Hague Conference was held in 1899 and the Second Hague Conference in 1907. Along with the Geneva Conventions

How can you get a certificate attested from India to use in UAE?

In earlier age people were knows only HRD which normally comes from Delhi for the attestation now this is no more exist it has been closed on 29th June 2007. Now the work has been distributed to each state Home Departments or HOD. Of course there are few categories in certificates or documents

As everyone known Educational Certificates & Non Educational Certificates

Educational Certificates or University degree

To get Attestation done there are several ways especially from India, quite long process and it’s a sequence course. The establishment of UAE is focused only Ministry of foreign affairs attestation locally (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi). Thing is that if you want to get MOFA or Ministry of foreign affairs first you have to do Notary, HOD, MEA & UAE embassy Delhi after that document should come to UAE then we get MOFA to complete the process. A brief illustration of Indian document Attestation or stamping as mentioned below

  • Notary  
  • Home Department
  • Ministry of External Affairs  
  • UAE Embassy  
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA

Other way to get attestation from india such as

  • Notary (disturbed State)
  • Home Department (disturbed State)
  • UAE Consulate (Maharashtra)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Non Educational/ private Certificates or document Attestation

What are non educational certificates? A non educational document which comes not from any school, college or university but it will issued from company, individual, award etc… there are couple of ways to attest Non educational document from India almost same as educational certificates. We provide all non educational certificate attestation including USA commercial documents, affidavit, memorandum, court paper, will, authorization letter, salary certificates, license copy, contract, agreement and so on.

This attestation process is quite simple and easy

  • Notary 
  • Home Department
  • Ministry of External Affairs 
  • UAE Embassy 
  • Indian consulate for Indian certificates
  • Ministry of labor attestation for salary certificates
  • Washington dc for US commercial papers
  • Common wealth attestation
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA


Why is attestation of certificates necessary?

Attestation is a process that proving the document which you are holding its genuine so process has to be done according to particular country government rules and regulations we here in UAE undertake all country certificate attestation for UAE without your presence and make your journey easy and affordable. Attestation required for many purpose such as:

  • To obtain an employment visa/ labor Card in United Arab  Emirates for most of the designation
  • To make further study or go to higher education in a foreign country
  • To attend MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. of Health) examinations by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians.
  • To get the equivalent certificates

Non Educational Certificates does also required in UAE for some reason as follow:

  • To get residence visa for wife, children, in-laws
  • For the entrance of child in the school in UAE
  • To transfer school in one country to other country school TC attestation is compulsory  
  • Power of Attorney to handle something to some one
  • To get the right to sell properties in India
  • For the removal of LLC partnership provided partner in India  does not wish to extend the partnership
  • To get the experience certificate attested
  • Police clearance certificates for some reason in some country


Why marriage certificate to be attested in UAE?

Yes to get UAE family visa or family status it important to submit attested marriage paper as a proof of couple registration. A marriage certificates in some authority is the official record that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony. In some other jurisdiction, a marriage license serves a dual purpose of granting permission for a marriage to take place and then recording the fact that it has done so. Of course as we known marriage paper or certificates it’s a genuine proof too.

Of course, Attestation or Apostille of the Marriage Certificate is required for getting a Family visa in the Middle East Countries like UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain and some other European country too.

There are several long Procedures to get marriage certificates attestation for UAE such as:

Apostille/ Attestation from country where the marriage was celebrate and registered

Attestation / Apostille from the country where family visa is being applied

For example, if the marriage were formalize in India and then the marriage certificate would first have to be attested in India by the disturbed State’s Home Department, followed by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi for example Kerala home department but to apply family status or visa in UAE then the attested document from the MEA would be attested by the UAE Embassy and finally by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE

Are you looking for marriage certificate attestation in United Arab Emirates?

Of course, It is compulsory to get the marriage certificate attested/ Apostille, in case the couple wishes to survive together in a foreign country as this attested document is proof of the marriage being legalized by the country of source. We make easy for your Marriage certificate attestation in sharjah, ajman, dubai, Abudhabi, Rak, Al Ain by offering high quality attestation, reasonable price and free pickup - delivery services all over UAE call us now and get it done today.

Do you want to get your child birth certificate Attestation in UAE?

As far as UAE Residence visa law is concern A birth certificate attestation  is to be done in various situations when a child needs to be taken abroad along with parents, to get educated abroad etc. That is when the child needs admission in a school abroad, the birth certificate need to be attested from issued country school and in UAE to get child residence visa of course birth certificate should be presented with UAE embassy stamp and Ministry of foreign affairs attestation then only accepted in UAE and issue the visa too.

How to get Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE from India, UK, USA AUSTRALIA, and CANADA?

First of all we have to get original birth certificates where birth took place and then it has to be submitted in particular country attestation process if the certificates for UAE then it have to be attested UAE embassy & MOFA attestation. Here provide all country birth certificate attestation on urgent basis too. We provide superior quality attestation at low price and promise you on time delivery too.

Why Birth Attestation Need and Usage in UAE?

Yes, Birth certificate is an official record of the date and place of a person's birth, usually including the names of the parents. Attestation on Birth Certificate is needed for applying for a Family Visa. Attestation of Birth Certificates from India is required for getting the Visa from Gulf Countries also like UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, KSA and Europe, USA, UK, India

How can you trust us to handle your important documents with us?

This is very appropriate question and good question too. We are a high-status and reliable company who work in the field of certificate attestation & Apostille services since fast few decades in the United Arab Emirates. Our aim is providing superior quality attestation services but low price guaranteed and we provide free pickup and delivery at your home.

Of course we are into the document attestation field in UAE & we use state of art technology courier services to send your documents in safe hand. We trained our staff members well to manage and who hold outstanding skills and who care your papers as same as you care it. We really understand the value of your certificates and how important your certificates are

How can we get Attestation of TC or Transfer certificate which issued from India?

Yes, Transfer certificates required to join one to another school as a proof of his or her study. TC or transfer certificate attestation procedures are unstable from school to school and place to place. Some schools demand for District Education Officer Stamp from their respective state and then one attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE. And some are consulate etc..

TC attestation procedures are same as degree certificate attestation

  • Home Department (disturbed State)
  • Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  • UAE Embassy (New Delhi)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UAE)

I am holding a university degree certificates should I get it verified or attested?

Regardless in which country you are comes from or your finish your education. In United Arab Emirates to get employment visa in particular designation like sales executive, manager, accountant, technical then you have to get it attested from particular country UAE embassy attestation or stamp and Degree attestation required for employment visa for the most of categories please visit any nearest typing centre to know more about your visa process.

Are you looking for a genuine Diplomat certificate attestation agency in UAE?

In United Arab Emirates Diploma Certificate Attestation is the act of witnessing a Diploma certificate by authorized person / persons / Departments / authorities with their official seal and signature from issued country like India, uae, usa, Australia, Canada, France, Singapore etc... Diploma certificates attestation also confirms that, the individual Diploma certificate has been issued by that mentioned department and Seal and signature on that prove particular Diploma certificate is authentic& genuine.

We take care of all your diploma certificate attestation for UAE visa and further education purpose by giving free pick-up & delivery at your doorstep. We provide low price and high quality services all over UAE and across the world

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